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Nonton Film The Visitor (2016)

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Luca and Otilia,two young people just beginning their lives, move in the big city, helped by their childhood friend, Vlad. They rent a flat in an old building, in which only one old man lives, Felix. The flat has a peculiar past: a former tenant, Irina, disappeared mysteriously 6 months ago. One night, after a big fight, Luca falls asleep in the living room and leaves Otilia alone in the bedroom. During the night, Luca hears the scream of his wife coming from the bedroom. Scared, Luca goes to the room where he had heard the scream from. He notices that his wife has disappeared, just like the previous tenant, without any warning. A crazy game begins: Luca has to find out what happened to his wife and face the accusations that others bring on him, especially to Vlad’s, who was in love with Otilia.

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Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller


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Durasi: 119 menit

Kualitas: WebRip

Tanggal Rilis: 2017-04-21

Rating: 6.7 (101)

Diperbarui: 2023-12-14