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During the Nazi occupation, Amsterdam family banker Walraven van Hall enthusiastically accepts, despite brother-partner Gijs and many colleagues’ reservations, to help the resistance by financing them with fake credits, for which the Dutch government in exile gives a post-war guarantee. As the war drags on, he largely exceeds the guaranteed sum and forges a coordination between resistance components, but the Germans plus collaborators set up a large operation to find and roll up the ‘underground bank’. As Allied forces approach, a far larger sum is needed to pay for a massive railway strike, but the regular systems are exhausted. Walraven now devises a daring plan to liberate funds from the national bank by a complex web of forged promissory notes, but the ruthless SS is hot on their trail.

Durasi: 123 menit

Kualitas: WEBDL

Tanggal Rilis: 2018-03-08

Rating: 6.9 (10,377)

Diperbarui: 2023-12-14