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Nonton Film The Curse of Buckout Road (2017)

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Aaron Powell returns home from the Naval Postgraduate School to his grandfather, a brilliant psychiatrist Lawrence. Dr. Powell and his colleague detective Roy Harris are investigating a recent suicide of a college professor Stephanie Hancock, who suffered of nightmares involved the infamous urban legends of Buckout Road. While they think she was mentally unstable, Mrs. Hancock’s student Cleo Harris starts to show the same symptoms as she was working on an assignment about Buckout Road urban myth. Cleo and Aaron realizes that they have to solve the mystery of how to stop the evil before it takes their souls as well.

Durasi: 97 menit

Kualitas: WebRip

Tanggal Rilis: 2017-11-24

Rating: 4.2 (802)

Diperbarui: 2023-12-11